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It Started in 2013...

The Rotary Clubs in Chilliwack partnered with the City of Chilliwack to create a one-of-a-kind annual tradition for the first Saturday of every December:

The Rotary Christmas Parade!

Tractor towing 4 Christmas trees, all lit up with Christmas lightsNutcrackers marching in a parade while playing trumpets

We Couldn't do this Without The Rotary Clubs

An event like this takes a lot of work and collaboration! It is with special thanks to the following Rotary Clubs that we can hold this event:

See The Parade In Person!

Come on down to watch the parade in person! It starts on Yale Road, in front of Chilliwack Senior Secondary School and travels through historic downtown Chilliwack, where thousands can watch the festivities from the sidelines and even catch a glimpse of Santa himself!

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Watch Online!

When does the parade start?
Where are the public washrooms?
What can I expect regarding safety?
I have a food donation for the parade!
Where should I hand it in?